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Groupe SIP - linea SIP

Groupe Sip is one of the largest and most modern denim companies in Tunisia.

We are located in Northern Africa, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert, right next to Europe -our main market-. We are evolving, learning and growing every day since our establishment in 2007.

Our commitment is to build a smart way of creating fashion by providing the best service and the fastest solutions to our customers.

Groupe SIP - smart fashion -

What we do

Groupe SIP - linea SIP

It’s not only about fashion. We design feeling and emotions, a way of living, creating what others cannot.

We thrive for knowledge and understanding of our customers so wan can offer them the best personalized service, attending their needs.

We put our effort in building a commitment with all our clients, working as partners and developing a relationship of trust between both parts. This enables us to work properly, efficiently, using our digitized and sustainable process to solve any problem as fast as possible.

How we do it

Groupe SIP - linea SIP

A whole team focused on achieving our best!

Groupe SIP is made up of FIVE companies that share the same vision: achieving the best results as fast as we can, satisfying our customers’ demands.

SIP Headquarters, BJ Laundry, SIP Confection, SIP+ Confection and HB Confection work as a single perfect machine, managed at all times by the best professional team in Tunisia.

Groupe SIP - Companies Logo
Groupe SIP - SIP Headquarters Logo

It is the brain and spirit of the company. Everything begins and ends here: strategies, decisions, communications and connections.

We create new and innovative designs for our customers. Patterns, cutting and sewing designs are developed every day at SIP Headquarters, generating valuable intellectual property.

Our company manufactures over 3 million units of clothing every year, a high quality sustainable production availed by the most up to date certificates.

We also have teams in charge of marketing, sales and acquisitions and more than 1,500 people on staff.

Groupe SIP - Managing


Groupe SIP - linea SIP

Direction Management
Sales and Marketing
Administration and Finances
Human Resources
Quality Control

Groupe SIP- Sampling


Groupe SIP - linea SIP

Pattern making

Groupe SIP - Planning


Groupe SIP - linea SIP

Production planning


Groupe SIP - linea SIP

Our production factories are the core of the Group.

SIP, SIP+, and HB Confection are designed with the ability to produce different types of garments ,guaranteeing the highest standards in quality and sustainability.

We produce high-quality denim in state-of-the-art facilities using the latest equipment and machinery. Also, our production process ensures a safe and productive work environment.

Groupe SIP - Beau Jeans Logo

All our garments go through our Beau Jeans laundry, not only for washing, but also for the dyeing process.

We have changed all of our old machines to last generation TONELLO technology, both in our sampling and production lines, improving water and energy waste and reducing pollution in order to evolve with the needs of our environment. We have the last generation washing, dyeing, ozone and drying machines, and we use METRO softwares for traceability in order to make the entire process as sustainable as possible.

The main goal is to work with the most modern machines and processes while maintaining the authentic look of denim and garment dyeing.

Groupe SIP- Water efficiency

Water efficiency

Groupe SIP - linea SIP

The textile industry uses tons of clean freshwater in laundering and dyeing, and has historically reached high values like 3700 L/garment. At Beau Jeans we have achieved low values like 40 L/garment, thanks to the outstanding technology of our Tonello machines.

Groupe SIP - Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Groupe SIP - linea SIP

We have already saved 40 % in electric consumption and 37.5% in natural gas con-sumption since 2018, while growing our production by 15%. Our commitment to compressed air solutions and systems with exhaust heat recovery have achieved most of these savings.

Groupe SIP- Traceability


Groupe SIP - linea SIP

We use Metro software to measure and calculate the actual consumption of our laundry, including what each machine, garment, and process consumes individu-ally. It also provides a direct link to our laundry for controlling production, reporting and maintenance operations, improving performance and optimizing productivity.


Groupe SIP - linea SIP

We are always looking for new ways to contribute to the community and to the sustainable development of the environment.

Fashion world is in constant change and evolution, and we are always adapting ourselves to its frenetic pace, moving forward, anticipating and solving the required problems and needs.

In order to improve our sustainability we have created a process that respects the environment and also our factory workers, achieving greater productivity, efficiency and safety at the same time.


Groupe SIP - linea SIP

Our high standards on textile manufacturing are availed by top tier sustainability certificates. 

As an addition, aligning with Groupe SIP values, we have obtained the Organic Content Standard (OCS), an international standard that sets requirements to increase organic agriculture production that verifies the organically grown content of the products.

We also have the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) to increase the use of recycled materials, including additional criteria for social and environmental requirements and chemical instructions.

Contrôlé par Ecocert Greenlife selon le référentiel OCS consultable sur SIP confection:223450
Contrôlé par Ecocert Greenlife selon le référentiel OCS consultable sur SIP confection:223450
Contrôlé par Ecocert Greenlife selon le référentiel RCS consultable sur SIP confection:223450
Contrôlé par Ecocert Greenlife selon le référentiel RCS consultable sur SIP confection:223450

Social development

Groupe SIP - linea SIP

We care about people and our community. 

One of the strongest values of Groupe SIP is the importance given to social work and community development, allocating a significant percentage of the company’s profits to the achievement of social, sportive and educational actions as we try to make a positive impact in our society and the generations to come


Groupe SIP - linea SIP

Keep in touch with us.

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